Monday, May 31, 2010

The Pool by Paul Kingsnorth

At the Dawn of Time
Was a pool around which two Men sat.
Early Men, though they did not know this.
Clear was the water in the pool.
Clear were their minds, for
They knew no different.
They had no speech, only the use
Of their hands and their bodies.
It seemed to one that
The motion of the fever trees in the wind,
When reflected in the water,
Gave life to its surface.
It seemed to him that the water was alive.
He could not say so.
He had no vision of saying so.
Instead, he looked into the eyes of the second Man
Who, squatting, returned his gaze.
It seemed to both that they were thinking the same thing
Which, being thought, became true.
The water lived,
Like the Men and the fever trees
And the things that moved in the fever trees
And beneath them, and at night
Above them.
Everything lived.
How could it not be so?
There were no thoughts which said it could not be so.

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  1. Ahhhh Mary, what a lovely view this poem presents. I love your gift here in your blog.